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The opportunity to be a part of our team is a great chance to explore, learn and contribute to our adventure journey as well as exposing your work. We have created 3 categories hoping to best fit our collaboration traveller, please feel free to email us

Image by Etienne Delorieux
Image by Mike Swigunski


Our partners are individuals or businesses who would like to sell and promote our services and products within Samara or Costa Rica. In exchange we offer exclusive discounted prices, contests and promotions for any adventure operated directly by our Samara Adventures company. Our partners can join us in 1 adventure to learn more about our services. A discount of 25% will be given to any additional activity operated by Samara Adventures. We also provide the basic training with relevant information, rate manuals and promotional materials to ensure our partners are ready to be part of the team!


If you are a content creator, photographer, videographer, writer, youtuber, influencer or artist, this is a great opportunity to share your work in exchange for discounts, perks or free local activities operated by Samara Adventures. Each case will be studied individually, the idea is to offer a fair deal between our Adventure Correspondent and the company. We hope to expose artists, build a community and in exchange showcase amazing work by locals and foreigners.

Image by Mark Harpur
Image by charlesdeluvio


Perfect for those who are planning travel to Costa Rica, or plan to come back! Our ambassadors will support our media presence from outside the country. Is really easy to get discounts and perks for your next trip! Subscribe, like, share, review and become an active ambassador. Our TOP FANS will get great deals, gift cards and exclusive discounts! Get in touch with us if you would like to be a part of our International Ambassadors!

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