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Updated: Feb 15

Covid-19 has the world shown that not everything is so naturally as you think it is. Covid-19

has had a huge impact since 31st Of December 2019 the day that the first case was

reported in Wuhan, China. A very dark day. Depending on where you're coming from,

restrictions like closed borders, a cure few, closed bars and restaurants or even a total

lockdown have become part of your daily life. A few months ago nobody in the whole world

would have ever expected this to happen.

Robin Canfield
Hojancha, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Long sit

It has been a very long sit, you probably binge-watched everything on Netflix or you found yourself a new hobby. For the first weeks or even months spending some time on yourself and do whatever you want could be really nice. But doing the same every day for months

and months without any perspective of change is not something we people are made for, at least not for me. Traveling, exploring and doing adventurous things is more like me.

Costa Rica here I come

Finally, with the hard work of experts in all over the world, the end of this pandemic is in

sight. I can almost smell it. For me the reason to go back to my favorite country in the world:

Costa Rica. But travelling to a country at the other side of the world in the middle of a

pandemic goes slightly different from what I was used to. Each country has their own rules

regarding the travel requirements. In general coming as a backpacker to Costa Rica they


-Check for required visas; In most cases you don't need a visa. Without a visa you can be in

Costa Rica up to 90 days. See for more info

-Complete the health pas online form; This has to be done 48 hours prior to your departure.

See for more info.

-Get yourself a mandatory travel insurance; The best is to get a Costa Rican travel

insurance for example: Grupo INS (about $100 a month), this one includes all the

requirements. But there are many more out there. Just make sure the chosen insurance

includes all the requirements. See for more information about these


Furthermore, don't forget to bring plenty of face masks (you will need them), keep your

distance in public areas wherever you go and wash your hands as much as you can.

With finishing the requirements and the rules printed in your head Costa Rica is waiting for you. But, please note that especially in a pandemic, requirements like the ones listed above could always change. Before you plan your trip to Costa Rica always check the present requirements to come to Costa Rica. Also check the requirements to come back to your home country to avoid any unpleasant surprises like a $120 PCR-test required by most European countries.

Finally, back in Costa Rica

It may sound like a lot of work all these requirements and the costs may seem a little higher,

but I can guarantee you, coming to Costa Rica is totally worth it. In my home country

restrictions like closed stores, restaurants and bars are still part of the daily life. Here in

Costa Rica it almost seems like there is no such thing as COVID-19. This because Costa

Rica is a country that has been handling COVID-19 in their own way. With measures like:

-A driving restriction for natives to decrease the number of cases.

-Taking down a required negative test to entry the country to build up the economy of Costa

Rica again, which was first obligated to enter.

-A very quick vaccination program, which resulted in the fact that Costa Rica has vaccinated

more people against SARS-CoV-2 than people who have tested positive for the virus, says

Tico Times.

-Weekly analyses by experts of the numbers of cases and the effects of measures to make

sure Costa Rica is safe and sound.

Makes Costa Rica a very safe country to visit. Just keep in mind to keep your distance and

wear your facemask in public areas.

Just go

With the ongoing pandemic the world-wide tourism industry got totally destroyed which had

huge impacts on the economy of the world. Especially for a Country as Costa Rica where

the whole economy relies on tourism. People in Costa Rica lost their jobs and the economy

went down-hill fast. Now, that the world just started to open up again, it would be the perfect

time to visit Costa Rica. Waiting too long and Costa Rica would be crowded with tourists

again. Surfing in Nosara, Kayaking in Samara, Hiking in Monteverde or one of the many

others things to do here, sounds a little better than binge-watching on your couch, right?

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