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A different way to get to know each other in Samara is sharing at the camp.

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

There’s something really special about the holidays in Samara, either in the summer of January or winter in July. Since Association CREAR opened 7 years ago, a camp during the holidays is taken place. Here in this camp all the kids from different schools, ages, nationalities, colors, and others, assist to this camp to share, learn, and overall have fun. The activities and dynamics performed in two communities include the kids that live in Samara and the communities surrounding it, like Matapalo and Torito.

Each camp takes place for 10 days, in different places and environments with different experiences but overall special. It is really important to recognize the increase in the population of the kids in the surrounding areas of samara, increasing the need of areas for the children to share, to develop art, to learn about nature, culinary experiences, recreative games, and others. This is a huge input that has been offered to the children since CREAR opened. The activities are planned at a low cost, which allows them to be offered for free. The alliances with different types of local businesses have allowed CREAR to add some other special activities like hiking tours, transportation, outdoor activities like going to the river or the beach with surf classes.

We can conclude from the prior information that these activities that CREAR realizes, offers a free space were the kids can learn how to share and get along with each other in a safe way. We can almost affirm that we are supporting in a positive way the growth of the upcoming future with new generations, that are going to be the ones taking administrative and working positions in Samara. We are really proud of our work and at the same time we are full of hope and joy by helping out this beautiful community.

We want to thank these local businesses who contributed for this edition of the CREAR Camp July 2019:

Samara Adventure Company for their donation of a complete tour with tour guides and transportation to the beautiful Samara Trails.

Silvia Faini de Casa Paraíso for the awesome italian cooking class, where we learned about the creation of the pizzas.

Samara Eco Adventure for their contribution of transporting the children from different activities.

C&C camp surf School for their famous surf classes that Camp CREAR have not missed.

ADI Torito for their big contribution with the space in the community hall. Thank you for always being with us. Natur by Bea y ASADA Sámara for their company in the walk of the river Mala Noche. Verdulería Doña Lechuga for their donation with snacks for the kids from el Torito. ADI Playa Sámara for renting the community hall the day of the recreative games.

A big thank you to the interns and volunteers for their dedication and entusiasm to help:

Natalie Wilson, Lianna Harrington, Kindsey Kuhlman, Roman Ramos, Mónica García, Ashlee, Cheri Pickett, Carolina, Ryan O'Leary, Michelle Mcgarry, Abril Martínez, Ruth, Rebeca, Marcelo.

To learn more about our exciting adventure tours in Costa Rica, call us at +506 2656-0920, email, or fill out our contact form.

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