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“We are a company that remains at the forefront of adventure and tourism sustainability, implementing high quality standards, providing security in our operations; with minimal environmental impact, exceeding our clients' expectations at all times and giving back to our community ”.



"To be a company that grows continuously year after year, capable of offering and expanding our service to other areas in the country, and distinguishing ourselves in the market for our excellent services, as well as for our responsibility, environmental and social community commitment"

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  • Customer service

  • Teamwork

  • Honesty

  • Mutual respect

  • Discipline

  • Effective communication

  • Pursuit of excellence

  • Solidarity

  • Security

  • Loyalty

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Whatsapp 506-8833-5369/ Office 506-2656-0920 / 506-2656-0922

Address: 200 meters North from the Local Police Station

(Next to Coco's Mexican Restaurant), Samara Beach, 50205

Monday to Saturday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm / Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

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To make our clients' trips more enjoyable & safe, we’d like to tell you about our policies for our exciting adventures:

  • Samara Adventure Company reserves the right to cancel any trip due to unsafe conditions and will only run a tour according to established company policies. Full refund is given if (on rare occasion) no tour is run, For reasons beyond our control (climate, river levels, wind etc.), we may change to a more-suitable tour with an equal or similar difficulty rating and adventure-appeal or offer other tour options so you don’t miss out on a fun day in Costa Rica. Our Head Guide helps make the final decision.

  • Kayaking, Stand up paddie, hikes and many other adventures involve some inherent risk and physical exertion, so you must be in good physical condition without any recent surgery, heart condition, pregnancy, disability or injury. If you take medication such as allergy pills and need them with you or have other medical concerns, please inform the guide.

  • Costa Rica‘s natural environment is filled with insects, snakes, crocodiles & other wildlife. In addition, landslides, falling rocks & sudden flash floods are possible. We may not be held responsible for any of the above.

  • Samara Adventure Company has a $200,000 civil responsibility insurance policy and affiliation with a specialized paramedics company. However, we highly recommend clients have their own travel insurance with a reputable company prior to participating in a tour.

  • Recommended ages for tours operated by Samara Adventure Company: Dolphin Seafari, Sunset, Gateaway, Palo Verde Safari & Turtle Tours: 2-70; Kayak to Isla Chora with Snorkel, Wildlife & Birding Kayak Tour; 4-65; Rafting class 3-4: 13-65; Mountain Biking & Stand Up Paddling:10-65; Safari Float & nature walks (Arenal Volcano, Hanging Bridges, Rio Celeste, Monteverde): 6-70, For those outside of the age recommendations or if there is an adult accompanying a child, we ask that clients request & sign a special Waiver for such cases. Most tours require 2 pax minimum.

  • We may cancel any client seen unfit to do a tour for their own safety and/or safety of clients and guides. Clients must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • We recommend closed shoes for hikes.You should know how to swim & feel comfortable in water. ' Do not take valuables on tours like jewelry, passports, etc. Samara Adventure Company & affiliates are not responsiblefor lost, broken or stolen items. We have a lost & found for tours/services & donate items after 2 weeks.

  • Please be ready at the given pick-up time and allow time for road conditions and other clients being picked-up along the way.If you have not been picked-up within 10 minutes of your established pick-up time, please call our office.

  • Children 4 & under free on Samara Adventure -operated tours. Costa Rican citizens, residents & students of all get a 10% on Samara Adventure-operated tours. We allow a maximum of 2 CPLs for groups of 10 + per reserved tour/service.

  • Private tours operated by Samara Adventure are double the net price. Net prices may not apply for last-minute reservations



  • For agencies, all tours must be prepaid at least one week prior to service, Payments can be made to PayPal or credit card viaa signed credit card authorization form (Visa/MasterCard/American Express). Credit cards are charged once the authorization form has been received in our office.

  • Direct deposits can be made to our Banco Nacional de Costa Rica dollars account: 200-02-013-004161-8 en dolares (cta cliente: 15101320020041617 cedula 3-101-382398). If paying via PayPal, related transaction charges will be covered by the purchaser.

  • Reservations are not confirmed until we acknowledge receipt of written service request and/or credit card authorization form.

  • Confirmation subject to availability: Due to our small, personalized tours, we cannot guarantee your reservation until we have confirmed receipt of your payment. We may require an earlier pre-payment for tours and services during our high season (July-August and/or December-January, etc.). if payment is made via deposit, wire transfer, PayPal or credit card, please send deposit slip as confirmation of pre-payment.

  • Cancellations for Samara Adventure day tours must be made no later than 7 days prior to the service for a full-refund for groupsof 6+ and 48 hours prior for all other reservations and 24 hours for a 50% refund. We cannot give a full refund for some services cancelled less than one-month in advance, because other tour operators do not allow for short-notice in cancellations. No refunds for no shows.

IMPORTANT: Any cancellation by a client must be made in writing and acknowledged by Samara Adventure Company in writing. The date on which the request to cancel is confirmed by Samara Adventure Company will determine the cancellation charge applied.





General provisions for customer service at Front Desk

⦁ It is required for our customer to bring their face mask or face cover.

⦁ The number of people in the customer service area will be restricted to a 1.8-meter distance between customers and staff. We have marked the floor to show the customer where they should be standing while waiting on reception, bathroom, office entrance, waiting areas, in case they have to wait for customer attention outside or inside the office.


⦁ We have an isolation zone. In case, we suspect a customer with symptoms.

⦁ We have intensified the cleaning and hygiene measures, especially the surfaces usually touched, like handles, reception furniture, doors knobs, computer equipment, data phones, among others.

⦁ The office will be disinfected: at the beginning of every workday, shift change, and the end of the workday. We will clean desks, chairs, windows, printers, door knobs, computers, telephones, data phones, and other shared instruments.


⦁ We have placed a protocol on a visible area, showing the right way to sneeze, cough, avoid touching your face, other forms of greeting, as well as the risk populations. All of this translated to the most common languages our tourists speak.


⦁ We guarantee access to toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disposable towels for hand drying, gel alcohol on the public bathrooms, which are properly sanitized.


⦁ We will ensure our customers wash their hands before entering the office. A sign has been placed on a visible zone, so that the customer washes their hands according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health.


⦁ We have a cleaning log visible, where the time and the name of the person in charge will be signed. ⦁ The waste generated from COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection will be classified and disposed of. For the proper management of face masks, gloves, and disposable wipes, we have a designated trash can.


⦁ The garbage container within our work facilities is a container, identified for this purpose, and with its respective lid.

⦁ Efforts will be made to minimize the manipulation of paper money and credit cards by the staff. If the coworker has to manipulate money (paper money or coins). He/she won't touch his(her) face after touching money and immediately wash his/her hands.


⦁ We will ask the client to place the money on top of the counter, or another surface as plastic trays for the manipulation of money, we will not receive it directly from the client's hands. The surface will be disinfected after its use.


⦁ We will ask our operation personnel (guides, drivers, and other workers) to wait inside the office only when the number of people inside allows it.

Protocol in case of detection of suspicious people with respiratory symptoms at the Front Desk. External clients (tourist) (Providers)

⦁ Put on gloves.

⦁ Bring a face mask in case the suspicious person (in case they don't have one) and proceed to advise the person to wash his/her hands.

⦁ Take him/her to the Isolation Zone.

⦁ Informs Management and Operations.

⦁ Call 911

⦁ Disinfect the area where that person was and everything they might have touched

⦁ In the given case other customers were near the patient, the medical authorities must be informed.


Protocol for tourists' transportation.

⦁ Indicate the client or passenger that in his/her reservation or contract (email/ WhatsApp/ phone, font desk, other) when traveling to Costa Rica they should have masks in their personal belongings. Since it's compulsory to use them at all times during transportation: y land, air or water, etc..

⦁ They should always have masks for personal use or face protection. It is compulsory to use them inside the transportation unit.


⦁ Always remain in their social bubble.

⦁ They should keep their social distance between people outside their social bubble. The advice distance is 1.8 meters.


⦁ No hugs or hand greetings.

Meeting at the Airports: Juan Santamaria (SJO), Daniel Oduber (LIR), Aeropuerto de Pavas and the small local airports.

The driver will be waiting for you with a name sign in the waiting areas. The driver will be wearing a mask or face protection, and he will guide the transport unit. Before getting into the transportation unit:


⦁ We will ask the client or clients to please wear a mask. It should be a part of your traveling personal belongings. If the customer doesn't have one, the driver will provide a disposable mask.


⦁ The driver will offer gel alcohol for disinfection.


⦁ We will ask the customer to sit as further back as possible to create a safe physical distance. ⦁ The driver will open the doors for access, and to minimize the contact with surfaces.


⦁ The driver will spray your luggage with alcohol or disinfectant.


⦁ We will not allow anyone else to handle your luggage, apart from yourself.


⦁ During the trip, remain using the face mask at all times. If during the trip, you need to make a stop to ear, use the bathroom or other, before getting inside the vehicle, we will ask you to please wash your hands or use the gel alcohol to disinfect your hands.


⦁ The driver will be opening and closing the door at all times.


⦁ The driver will welcome the clients according to the protocols mentioned before. And explain the visitors the importance of following the protocols.


⦁ When getting to the final destination, the driver will drop off the customers in the designated area with their luggage, and the driver will not physically enter the destination.


⦁ The driver will carry a log with the customer's names and where their destinations, stops, and other observations.


⦁ The maximum capacity of the vehicles will be reduced according to the indications given by the Ministry of Health.


Samara Adventures company is committed to following up on each of the following objectives for the preservation of the environment, protection of cultural heritage and to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the region. Involving customers, suppliers, residents of the community and all collaborators related to the activities carried out by the company in these sustainability principles:

  • Promote the rational use of resources, waste management, recycling and the use of green technology that minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

  • Acquire products that are biodegradable or that their effect on the environment is minimal, preventing negative impacts on the work environment and on the ecosystems where our services are developed.

  • Support the activities in favor of the natural resources of the place where it operates and the initiatives of local entrepreneurs of products and services.

  • Offer local tours and the country as a sustainable tourist destination through responsible practices that ensure sustainability.

  • Report the facts and practices of environmental contamination, animal abuse, sexual exploitation and other illegal acts in accordance with national and international legislation.

  • Comply with the requirements established in the current legislation of our activities.

Samara Adventures implements the following programs in its operations, in order to comply with these principles, which are evaluated and reviewed for continuous and updated sustainability improvement:

  1. Efficient use of electrical energy program. and rational water consumption.

  2. Non-recoverable, recoverable solid waste management program and recycling

  3. Socio-ecological responsibility program.

  4. Covid-19 training program, guidance and transportation protocols.

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